Saturday, August 11, 2007


(Sunday Scribbling)

Does my skin respond in a exaggerated way sometimes? Although I mostly don't mind, I think it does. It depends, of course, on several matters. But the main trigger is who's touching it...

After that it will be the atmosphere around "us". Preferably not too much light, nearly dark if possible but a slight glisting of a few candles would be nice. Temperature not too high, if it's a little cold it's ok, my body will adjust easily anyway.

And then there's the finishing touch... background music. Loud enough to cover all the unneccassary sounds, apart from "our" whispers that is. It will surround "us" like it was specially made for the moment.

These experiences are treasures in my heart. I cherish them. Play that specific song for me and I'll close my eyes and voila, it is there again. You, me, the moment. And I am suddenly aware that raised skin is all over my body, making me shiver.

That to me, my friend, is the perfect explanation in the case of "me with goose bumps"...

(Hey, do you remember, one of the first times?)



Rob Kistner said...

Very sensual... goosebumpilicious! ;)

J said...

Thanks Rob, I tried to keep it "suitable" ;)


gautami tripathy said... I have goose pimples..

raymond pert said...

I'm in a long shared affection goose bump drought right now. I do remember what's like and your post piqued my thirst.